There are a lots of interesting places around to visit, not just the Kašperk castle…

Approximately 400 metres east of the castle there are remnans of a small fortress called „Pustý hrádek“. The fortress was built in the 15th centrury. This place is located higher than the castle (924 metres above sea level) so that's why it offers you one of the most beautiful views of the Kašperk castle and surrounding countryside.

A small lovely town Kašperské Hory is located in the vally. The town has preserved its uniqueness – historic charm including many interesting historical monuments. You can visit for example The Church of St. Margareth and a historical building of Town Hall on the square, The Church of St. Nicholas or The Church of the Holy Virgin Mary. We would like to recommend you also to visit The Tourist Information centre, Information centre of The National Park Šumava Mountains,** Museum of historical motocycles and toys** in Kašperské Hory, Museum of The Šumava mountains in Kašperské Hory or Museum of glass manufacturing in Annín.

All information about Kašperské Hory are provided i The Information centre. This Centre is placed on the ground floor of the Kašperské Hory's town hall. It provides tourist information about the town and monuments as well as some leasure time tips. Also, it provides aditional information materials and souvenirs. Phone number +420 376 503 411 – 412, e-mail: or