Tour Building of the castle

Length 55 min. Price 100 CZK Admission Occupancy 25 persons

Tour with guide

  • Unusual presentation of images from the history of the castle
  • Ground floor of the eastern tower with samples of working tools
  • Castle palace
  • Western tower with medieval bedroom which burns down in front of your eyes
  • View from the 5th floor

Tour starts at the top of the courtyard. Capacity of tour is max. 25 persons.

Duration of the tour is approximately 60 minutes.

You are allowed to take your pets with, only if you are able to carry them in your arms.

When you will going with czech tour you will get the english Text in the Case.

Admission – both Tours

Czech language Tour: Adults: 100,– CZK Children, students, seniors: 75,– CZK Children until 6 years: 15,– CZK Foreign-languages text (English or German) to lent for free.

Foreign-language Tour: Adults: 105,– CZK Children, students, seniors: 80,– CZK Children until 6 years: 30,– CZK